AirBerlin does not really get luggage handling

More AirBerlin reviews from frustrated customers appear on the Web each day - they all seem to have in common the terrible luggage handling policy and bad customer service:

AirBerlin - A case Study of a Failed Customer Service

Maria Arbusto wrote a nice piece about AirBerlin customer service. Beyond her own frustration with lost bags, she discusses customer service practice and compares it to practices (much more advanced) of other companies. Definitely a must read:

p.s. We got an e-mail reply concerning our Customer Service inquiry - after weeks of waiting they just say that they cannot register our inquire before we tell them our postal address!!! Again negative phrases, not at all open to actually helping and solving our problems.

Bags came damaged

After a few days the bags came, but the handle of one was damaged making it completely unusable. Probably this is due to the gentle treatment that Air Berlin gives to the bags, as documented in the YouTube video shown bellow:

We wrote a complaint to the customer service about bags lost and we asked for reimbursement of expenses related to it. A week later, still no response!

Stay tuned, and avoid Air Berlin.

We are not alone

It seems that we are not alone - that more people have lived the same experience of AirBerlin loosing their luggage twice in the same round trip:
more Air Berlin reviews, most about lost luggage in Tegel airport

AirBerlin Lost our Bags - Day 4

We spent 4 days wearing the awful swimsuits and towels we bought in the souvenir shop - wearing ones while washing the others and the other way around.

The forth day was a true change - our luggage came (was found in Switzerland!!!) just to stay with us for a few days, until our departure - when it was again lost by Air Berlin!!!

Thank you Air Berlin. We still do not know if we will ever see it our clothes again.

AirBerlin Lost our Luggage - Day 3

Me wearing a wonderful t-shirt with "Corfu" map from the souvenir shop.
Our landlord: Oh, how great - you are wearing a t-shirt. Does it mean your luggage came?
Me: Do you really think this is how I normally dress?

Air Berlin - another swimsuit with special features

We also bought another lovely swimsuit - every women's dream - made of hard plastics - no need to dry it as it almost does not get wet. It may just feel a bit uncomfortable as it cannot really take the shape of the body.

This swimsuit uncovered its special feature only a day later - it comes with a rush:
Maybe it is just the material it was made of, or too many people who have tried it before, but if it weren't for Air Berlin we would have discovered this wonderful swimsuit.

Once again, if you want careless vacations, try avoiding Air Berlin.

Innovative swim suit we bought thanks to Air Berlin

One of the first items we bought in the souvenir shop was a swimsuit for myself. At a first look, it seemed to be an ordinary swimsuit, just a bit overpriced which seemed completely natural. In the first contact with water, however it demonstrated its magic innovative feature - when you get into water, the pockets pop-out immediately. This must be some new safety measure, probably for people carrying things in their swimsuit pockets - this feature can allow the pockets to empty while in shallow waters, thus preventing their owners from loosing their belongings later on when they continue swimming.

Without Air Berlin we would have never discovered the advent of novel swimsuit making techniques. Thank you Air Berlin.

Air Berlin should make Clothes for People who lost their Bags

And so we were, there, in Corfu, in our little town. Just us, the sun and the see. No cloths for the following days, no towels, no sunscreen, no swimsuit! Nothing.

We had to take a boat and head to the nearby town - Kalami - and equip ourselves. As you imagine, the only two kinds of shops in Kalami are (1) the shop selling expensive souvenirs and gadgets for tourists and (2) supermarkets selling expensive, low-quality toothbrushes and other equipement that was supposed to come with the lost baggage. Fortunately for us, some of the "souvenirs" from the first kind of shop could be turned into almost wearable objects, that we adapted to enable our 21-century Robinson Crusoe vacation. All thanks to Air Berlin.

Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me

We booked a flight from Paris to Corfu with Air Berlin, hoping to have 10 days of vacation, forget about work and just enjoy. Air Berlin managed to loose our bags on the way there (although there was several hours of waiting time between the two flights Paris-Berlin and Berlin-Corfu). The same happened to a large number of other travelers who had connected flights.

Hoping to find some calm place, and escape the busy city life, we decided to go to Agni - a little bay in Corfu, with a few tavernas and few houses. No supermarket, No bank, barely some infrastructure. Ideal for a vacation - with bags. Our vacation, in fact the first half of it, turned into a Robinson Crusoe-like experience, the elements of which we will share on this blog.

The bags came 4 days (half-vacation) later and made things boring again. To make the story even more fun, and to remain consistent with its true values, Air Berlin managed to loose our bags once again on our way home. Why weren't we surprised. Again we were not alone in the cue for lost luggage declarations.

When you ride in a Parisian metro, a gentle voice reminds you to "keep an eye at your belongings at all times". There is no official warning in Air Berlin, so we warn you - if you travel with this airline do not check-in any luggage - keep your belongings with you and stay cool.